If you’re tired of chasing new prospects and frustrated with inconsistent sales results, then our lead generation service is just for you.

At SOLOMON SOFTWARE, we have the best lead generation experts that combine traditional direct marketing with website marketing. We get on the phone, we take calls from prospects, we send emails and help your prospective customers find your website all under the same campaign.

We are not your traditional call centre. We are lead generation experts that can customise any campaign using a combination of offline and online multichannel marketing to help maximise your return on investment. This means you will receive:

  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • Improved sales team effectiveness which means more targeted selling time

We have specific services that can be completely tailored to your lead generation and sales requirements and suitable for most business who operate in a complex sales environment. We can also use a combination of telemarketing, SEO, Google Adwords, digital marketing and much more to create one powerful multi channel lead generation strategy.